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1. One of the most affordable ERP solutions in the world: 

OneHash is an open-source solution built on the foundation of Frappe Framework and is s considered to be most cost-effective option to automate your business operations and offers unlimited user license option.  In fact it is 5X less expensive than NetSuite, 10X cheaper than SAP or Other leading ERP Vendors. 

2. User-Friendly Interface: 

OneHash offers a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate & understand. The system is designed to be modular, allowing businesses to configure it according to their needs.

3. Wide Range of Features: 

OneHash provides businesses with a broad range of features, including accounting, inventory management, project management, human resources, & more. It also offers integration with third-party applications such as CRM, e-commerce, and payment gateways.

4. Highly Customizable: 

OneHash allowing businesses to adapt the software to their specific needs. It can be configured to match the business processes & workflows, making it a truly efficient solution.

5. Constant improvement: 

OneHash and Frappe add new features and bug fixes every week. This makes software always current with no added expense.

Complete, powerful and affordable!

Financial Accounting

Simplify financial operations that boost workflow automation, reduce inefficiencies. All the tools you need to manage cash flow in one place, right from recording transactions to summarizing and analyzing financial reports. It's bookkeeping made easy.

Asset Management

Make asset management painless — from purchase to preachment, IT infrastructure to equipment. Cover every branch of your organization, all in one centralized system. Use ample features jam-packed in a single tool to manage assets better.

Point of Sales

Our Point of Sales software is user friendly, extremely flexible, and fully integrated with inventory and fully integrated with inventory for real-time stock control. It even works both online and offline. 

HRM & Payroll

Automate onboarding, tax, and salary-related processes in one click. Perform all human resource management functions, set up employee details with their designation, create salary grades and seamlessly generate salary slips. 


Our modern Cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for manufacturing can streamline your production cycle, keep tabs on your materials usage, exhibits capacity planning, handles subcontracting, and more! 

Project Management 

Discover project and task management with complete integration of billing and costing. Create a timesheet based on actual time spent on a task. Track the profitability of a project to ensure that you don't overspend and maintain quality with goals, tracking, and feedback.

Sales and Purchase

Track inventory levels, replenish stock, and manage sales orders, customers, suppliers, shipments, deliverables, and order fulfillment — all in one open source sales & purchase ERP.

Help Desk 

All the tools you need to fine-tune your customer service are available in an one place with OneHash: a centralized ticket system, process automation, SLA monitoring, and comprehensive reporting.


Track inventory levels, replenish stock, and manage sales orders, customers, suppliers, shipments, deliverables, and order fulfillment — all in one open source sales & purchase ERP.

From technology strategy to successful implementation and staff training, we've got you covered.

Market leaders turn to Prospera when nothing short of a successful conclusion would do. Prospera is the gold standard in digital and enterprise resource planning (ERP) initiatives, with over 30 years of expertise executing successful digital transformations.

Prospera helps its clients into the future, whether they are fast-growing startups or multinational conglomerates. We design digital plans, manage software selections and rollouts, oversee rollouts, and provide business process and continuous improvement solutions.

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