CEO Message
CEO Message

Find a partner who's played the game.

As a small or medium-sized business (SME), you make up processes as you go. You find one vendor and then move on to another. Leaders are too busy to deal with every issue, so team members add their own steps. Before long, you have a bunch of systems and processes that are only held together by duct tape. You would love to improve everything, but right now you're just trying to stay alive.

Basically, you're building an airplane in the sky.

As much as you want to stop and get everything in order, you that it won't happen by itself. Now that things are breaking because of how much you've grown, you start realizing it's now or never. You’re certain that you’re bleeding cash, but you don’t know where.  And don't even bring up the silos that team members with good intentions built.

Growth is painful. Poor systems that are out of date make it even worse. In fact, if you can't make your systems scalable, you might as well say goodbye to growth. It's time to get rid of your old, manual processes.

If your aim is to skyrocket sales and profits.  We may be the perfect technological partner. 

With more than 30 years of business consulting experience and 21 years of implementing ERP software, we have the skills to help SMEs and mid-sized businesses solve big business problems.

As your technology partner, you can count on us to help you automate your processes so you can run your business better day-to-day. And giving you more insight and flexibility, so you can make long-term decisions with confidence and act quickly to make changes that will help you get that Growth you want.

Let’s do something great together.

Eng. Tarek Wanas, MBA