Accounting and Finance

Scope of Services

• General Ledger daily update
• Monthly, quarterly, and annual financial statement reports
• Monthly bank reconciliation
• Monthly cash flow forecasts
• Inventory and warehouse activities development
• Fixed assets management
• Backlog unrecorded transactions coverage
• Annual budget preparation
• Policies and procedures manual preparation

Bookkeeping services include the following:

• Bookkeeping (General ledger daily update)
• Maintaining Accounts Payable (cash out)
• Maintaining Accounts Receivable (cash in)
• Maintaining and cleaning up the General Ledger
• Bank Reconciliation
• Internal Audit and Compliance

Bookkeeping (General Ledger Daily Update)

Bookkeeping involves recording a company’s financial transactions daily. Proper bookkeeping enables companies to track

all information and transactions and make key operating, investing, and financing decisions.

Prospera boasts a wealth of knowledge and experience in Bookkeeping services. Our financial team consists of well-trained 

experts skilled at using the latest finance and accounting ERP software known as WallPost, and complies with international 

accounting standards (IFRS/GAAP).

Maintaining Accounts Payable (cash out).

Ensuring that transactions are paid on time is crucial to maintain great relationships with suppliers and to the success of your 

business. The Payables department is responsible for finding opportunities to save money by keeping an eye on potential 

discounts and incentives with vendors and suppliers. Accounts Payable must be scheduled to ensure that the least

amount of money possible is paid, and avoid unnecessary payments such as late payment charges.

WallPost allows you to manage accounts payable easily by organizing accounts payable data, keeping you up-to-date with

your finances and bill dues, and allowing you to track and manage outstanding bills, and generate and print reports such

as statement vendors, the A/P aging, and supplier detail reports.

Maintaining Accounts Receivable (cash in)

Another critical duty of the accounting department is to track accounts receivable, including outstanding invoices and 

other required collection actions. Accounts receivable is responsible for creating and tracking invoices, and ensuring that 

these invoices are paid on time.

This explains why a system of friendly reminders such as WallPost is crucial since it handles the burden of all the steps 

mentioned above. WallPost tracks the amount of money you are owed and manages the overdue collection. The software also 

allows you to print reports, such as statement customer reports, A/R aging reports, and customers’ details reports easily.

Internal Audit & Compliance

The Internal Audit and Compliance department at Prospera is responsible for overseeing the company’s financial operations, 

and ensuring that they comply with internal and external policies and regulations (IFRS/GAAP).

The department is also responsible for ensuring that risk management, governance, and internal control processes 

are operating effectively.

Monthly cash flow forecasts

We issue monthly forecasting reports showing estimated amounts to pay out and receive.

Inventory and Warehouse Activities Development

Through our inventory and procurement system, controlling the company stock and keeping inventory levels balanced 

becomes easier, without having to worry about having too much or too little in stock. Our system allows you to 

supervise ordering, forecasting, and storage management at all times.

Fixed assets management

At, we have the complete modules that qualify us to manage asset creation, tracking, and evaluation, ensuring that your 

company’s tangible and intangible assets are put to their highest and best use.

Backlog Unrecorded Transaction Coverage

Prospera prepares and uploads your company’s unrecorded transactions and backlog into the WallPost Software.

Annual Budget Preparation

The right cash flow projection can help your business achieve its targets. We prepare yearly budget estimations to predict your 

income and payments on a short-term basis, including detailed budget balance sheets, cash flow budgets, income sources, 

and expenses, etc.

HR Management 

Human Resources Management is the strategic approach to the effective management of people in an organization to contribute to its competitive advantage. It is an essential process for corporate governance to facilitate effective entrepreneurial and judicious management and deliver long

Payroll Services 

Prospera is responsible for creating payroll policies and procedures for clients and providing full payroll support including payroll management, filing, and issuing individual payslips.

VAT Filing 

Prospera years of expertise in the VAT recovery process has enabled us to establish a set of procedures that ensure your claims are maximized and processed in the shortest time frame possible. We also ensure compliance with international VAT laws and manage VAT registrations.